new media artist


pronounced [jey-nee] not [jeyn] 

jayne butler is a new media artist whose creative research explores historical narratives through speculative storytelling, art and design. she regularly works with experimental video, digital fabrication, installation, performance, and wearables. her work examines visual and material culture of the past and present and creates critical dialogue about their potential effects on imagined futures and/or alternative realities. she contemplates disruption of current and future forms of technological control to build commentary on the power dynamics that frame our collective experiences, as well as her own. furthermore, her creative research is interested in the dualisms of digital culture such as the technological vs. the natural and myths vs. reality. she finds too many contradictions in the world around her and sees technology as the most practical tool to address them.

she is currently working towards her MFA in emergent digital practices @ the university of denver.

curriculum vitae

inquires:   jaynebutler5 (at) gmail (dot) com