new media artist

wild west synthesizer, 3D modeling

wild west synthesizer

3D model, 2016

created with autodesk maya

this 3D model and render is a speculative, retro-futurist design. i was thinking about how a cowboy might want to play a synthesizer (totally logical thought, right?) and what kind of technology might have been implemented in the Wild West to do such a thing. for this object to hypothetically work, it would be powered by gun powder. two people would repeatedly pour gun powder into the funnels on the side of the synthesizer to fire inner engines. the machine would then read the sound waves on the perforated paper. a person sitting at the front of the machine would then use the 5 beer taps to implement attack, decay, sustain, release, and the volume of the sound. the knobs provide further tools for sound manipulation. the funnels on the back serve as speakers with a saddle attached. a fourth individual (specifically, a rambunctious cowboy) could saddle up his/her horse & pitch bend the sound by riding their steed.