new media artist


thesis statement x5

due monday 9/25/17

1.     The tropes of ‘Mother Nature’ and the American West have manifested in a severe disconnect between our society and our natural landscapes.


2.     The narratives and myths of both Mother Nature and the American West have created contradictions and dualities that are manifested in 21st century digital culture. 


3.     Mother Nature and the American West are fantastical in Western culture. Society has become accustom to the idea of nature as fictitious and digital culture illustrates this state of disconnect with nature's true form. 


4.     Our society has become accustom to a fabricated idea of nature as illustrated by the myth of Mother Nature and the American West in cinema. Digital culture amplifies this disconnect making nature’s true form more fantastical than ever before. 


5.    The narratives and myths surrounding ‘Mother Nature’ have created dual and often contradictory characteristics of natural landscapes. The American West in cinema exemplifies these tropes and our fabrication of nature continues to escalate with the advancement of digital culture. 

jayne butlerComment