third eye jacket, wearable


third eye jacket / "by following me you consent to being filmed", 2017

raspberry pi 3, raspberry pi noIR camera, portable battery pack, recycled jean jacket

women are told to never walk alone in unfamiliar places or at night. if we do, we should learn to protect and defend ourselves from danger through physical self-defense. i don't like this concept. shouldn't we also be teaching men and boys not to touch, attack, or assault women rather than only teaching women to defend themselves from violence? i hope one day this social construct is redesigned, but until then i'm resorting to other options. surveillance is historically used as a form of defense so rather than pour hours into self-defense training, i poured hours into programming my own surveillance technology. third eye jacket uses a raspberry pi & raspberry pi noIR camera to live stream video to youtube through the back of the garment. all activity that occurs behind me can be recorded through this jacket and a wifi network.